Yoga Pose: Downward Facing Dog


This pose helps strengthen your upper body, stretch out your spine and helps increase circulation.

– Start on the floor and get on all fours, positioning your knees and hip-width apart. Then position your hands shoulder width apart.
– Let a deep breath out and lift your knees off the floor and make sure to straighten your legs. (Do NOT lock your knees). Try to lengthen your tailbone towards the ceiling.
– Move your hands and feet a few inches forward to help lengthen the pose.
– Tighten thighs, press your heals back and towards the floor (it’s ok if they don’t reach the mat).
– Relax your neck and head and let them rest against the shoulder blades.
– Breathe deeply, slowly inhaling and exhaling out.
– Hold for a minimum of one minute.



Photo credit: myyogaonline via photopin cc


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