Fruity Patooty: Avocado

This is my favorite! Avocado’s have a beautiful thick smooth texture and mild creamy taste. I love spreading avocado on toast or crackers, adding it into a salad or just eating it plain!


Nutrition highlights per one raw avocado:
– 250 calories
– 23g (39%) total fat (Keep in mind this is all healthy fat!!!!)
– 34% (daily value of) Vitamin C
– 10g (8%) dietary fibre
– 21% (daily value of) Potassium
– 39% (daily value of) Vitamin K
– 16% (daily value of) Vitamin E

Health Benefits of Avocados:
– The good fats can help reverse insulin resistance and help regulate blood sugar levels
– Anti-inflammatory properties
– Rich in compounds that help lower cholesterol levels
– Good for heart health
– Helps protect against certain types of cancer such as, prostate, oral and breast
– Will nourish skin, make it glow and help in skin irritation
– Reduces risks of stroke
– Helps cure bad breath
– Will increase nutrition absorption
– Promotes good eye health
– Contains powerful antioxidants

So add this super food to your diet today! You won’t regret it after you indulge in it’s delicious texture and taste. Try it on a sandwich or in a salad. Here is a recipe for a delicious and easy salad: Enjoy!

Can’t get enough of avocado’s? Neither can I! Here are some sources to find out more:

Photo credit: JIGGS IMAGES via photopin cc

*This blog is not intended to give professional medical advice and you should always check with your healthcare practitioners before trying anything new or regularly.


2 thoughts on “Fruity Patooty: Avocado

  1. I actually had my first avocado last year in Costa Rica. It doesn’t taste like much by itself but it was slamming on some toast for breakfast. I almost prefer it over jelly.

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