Fruity Patooty: Banana

Banana-fo-fana-bo-bana, BANANAS! Bananas are the world’s most popular fruit but do you know where they come from and the benefits behind them?


Where do bananas come from?
Bananas grow on a banana plant (usually mistaken for a tree) and they are non-seasonal but they must be grown in a warm, tropical climate year-round. Bananas come from a variety of different tropical countries such as, India, China, Ecuador, Philippines, Brazil, Costa Rica, Thailand, Indonesia and Colombia.

Nutritional highlights per one raw banana:
– 108 calories
– 0g saturated fat, 0g total fat
– 17% (daily value of) Vitamin C
– 22% (daily value of) Vitamin B6
– 12% (daily value of) Potassium
– 16% (daily value of) Manganese
– 3.1g (12%) Dietary Fibre

Health Benefits:
– High amounts of potassium help lower blood pressure
– Help decrease the risk of kidney cancer
– Promotes calcium absorption
– Potassium helps keep your nervous system and heart in good shape
– Act as mood enhancers, can help calm you down and settles anxiety/nerves
– Fibre helps your digestive system/tract!

Bananas are very high in potassium which gives it most of it’s healthful benefits. Add this sweet and soft fruit to your diet and reek the benefits to help with nutrition absorption and lower blood pressure. Here’s a delicious recipe for vegan banana cupcakes with banana buttercream frosting:

Want more on bananas? Check out these sources:

Photo credit: missha via photopin cc


2 thoughts on “Fruity Patooty: Banana

  1. Oh gosh! I love this photo you did a good job with the banana.. I really do not have the patience to be this creative I would have probably killed 6 banana and still wouldn’t get it right… Very unique photo.. 🙂

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