Vivacious Veggies: Spinach

This tasty versatile green is a must to add to your diet! This nutritional powerhouse will help you fight illness because it’s rich with essential vitamins and minerals.


Nutritional highlights per 1 cup of raw spinach:
– 7 calories (no lies!)
– 0g saturated and trans fat, 0g total fat
– 56% (daily value of) Vitamin A
– 14% (daily value of ) Vitamin C
– 181% (daily value of) Vitamin K
– 15% (daily value of) Folate
– 13% (daily value of) Manganese
– 6% (daily value of) Magnesium
– 5% (daily value of) Iron
– 20% (daily value of) Dietary Fibre

Health benefits:
– Helps aid with digestion and prevent constipation
– Maintains low blood sugar
– Amazing anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent cancer
– Full of powerful antioxidants
– Promotes eye health
– Vitamin A promotes healthy skin
– Vitamin K helps fight cardiovascular diseases
– Vitamin K helps the functioning of the brain and nervous system
– Helps build/strengthen strong bones

Don’t forget to buy organic!! Spinach is great to eat raw or cooked, to toss in a salad or add to a soup. There are so many different great things to do with spinach. I found an awesome recipe for a vegan Spinach-Garlic-Edamame Hummus, make sure you try it:


Photo credit: Nomadic Lass via photopin cc

*This blog is not intended to give professional medical advice and you should always check with your healthcare practitioners before trying anything new or regularly.


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