Vivacious Veggies: Broccoli

I’ll never understand why everybody dreads this vegetable. It’s DELICIOUS and did anybody ever mention to you that it is SUPER NUTRITIOUS? This veggie has incredibly powerful benefits and is packed with essential vitamins and minerals! These pigs would agree because look it how happy they are on this broccoli farm!


Nutritional highlights per 1 raw stalk (151g) of broccoli:
– 51 calories
– 0g saturated and trans fat, 1g total fat
– 4g (16%) dietary fibre
– 224% (daily value of) Vitamin C
– 19% (daily value of) Vitamin A
– 4g Protein
– 7% (daily value of) Calcium
– 6% (daily value f) Iron
– 192% (daily value of) Vitamin K
– 24% (daily value of) Folate
– 10% (daily value of) Riboflavin
– 13% (daily value of) Vitamin B6
– 14% (daily value of) Potassium

Health benefits of broccoli:
– Helps prevent cancer using anti-cancer compounds
– Helps lower cholesterol
– Aids in digestion because it’s high in fibre
– Promotes strong bone health with calcium and vitamin K
– Anti-inflammatory properties help repair/prevent blood vessel linings in the heart
– Rich in powerful antioxidants
– Promotes good eye health
– Helps regulate high blood pressure
– Helps maintain a healthy nervous system and optimal brain function

SO please add this nutrient filled kick-ass veggie to your diet today! Don’t forget to buy organic and buy often. Broccoli is very versatile! You can have it cooked or raw, add to a soup or stir-fry, the possibilities are endless! Try this awesome vegan Broccoli & Potato Soup recipe:


Photo credit: Mike Bailey-Gates via photopin cc

*This blog is not intended to give professional medical advice and you should always check with your healthcare practitioners before trying anything new or regularly.


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