Fruity Patooty: Watermelon

A late Happy Canada Day! One of my favorite parts of summer is how much watermelon I get to devour! Have you ever cut a watermelon in half and just spooned the watermelon right out the rind – using it just like a bowl (awesome camping memories). I recently realized I have no idea what nutritional value watermelon has to offer. Find out some surprising health benefits of this cooling summer fruit!


Nutritional highlights per 1 cup diced raw watermelon:
– 46 calories
– 0g total fat, 0g saturated fat, 0g trans fat
– 17% (DV) Vitamin A
– 21% (DV) Vitamin C
– 5% (DV) Potassium
– 4% (DV) Magnesium

Health benefits:
– Helps ease inflammation
– Aids in muscle and nerve function
– Watermelon is a heart healthy food – high in lycopene which is important cardiovascular health
– Prevents chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease, etc.
– Helps control blood pressure levels
– Prevents risk of strokes
– Regulates heart beat
– Reduce risk of developing kidney stones

Wow so this delicious summer treat also serves as a nutritious one too! Don’t forget to buy organic and check out this sweet recipe, Vegan Watermelon Lime Ice Cream:

Please check out my friend’s awesome new blog:


Photo credit: timsackton via photopin cc

*This blog is not intended to give professional medical advice and you should always check with your healthcare practitioners before trying anything new or regularly.


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