Fruity Patooty: Apple

Do you know the saying “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”? Well it’s true! Discover the nutritional highlights and health benefits that make apples such a super food! And check out some added vegan recipes using apples!


Nutritional highlights per 1 raw apple:
– 95 calories
– 0g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0g total fat
– 4g (17%) Dietary fibre
– 14% (DV) Vitamin C
– 6% (DV) Potassium
– 5% (DV) Vitamin k

Health benefits of apples:
– Helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease and boost memory
– Great food for cleanses and help detox your liver
– Aids in the protection against Parkinson’s disease
– Decreases risk of diabetes
– Reduces risks of developing certain types of cancer
– Helps reduce cholesterol
– Aids in protecting cardiovascular health (keeps heart healthy!)
– Helps prevent gallstones
– Boosts your immune system
– Aids with digestion and helps with diarrhea, constipation and IBS
– Promotes weight loss
– Eat an apple for exercise to help with endurance
– Prevents high blood pressure
– Reduces risk of Asthma
– Helps keep good bone density
– Full of antioxidants

Apples are delicious and are perfect for a sweet and satisfying snack and one apple counts as one serving of fruit! I love having a sliced apple with almond butter. Make sure you are living by the saying and eating an apple a day to take in these amazing health benefits. Don’t forget to buy organic and check out these interesting recipes below!

Vegan Apple Streusel Muffins recipe:
Vegan Apple Salted and Caramel Cupcakes recipe:
Here is a list of vegan recipes with apples:

To find out more about Apples and their benefits, check out these sources:

Photo credit: Cayusa via photopin cc

*This blog is not intended to give professional medical advice and you should always check with your healthcare practitioners before trying anything new or regularly.


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